FORQ chops,

(Mirror Music 001)

  1. Here We Are - L.Yestern
  2. Impure Acts - L.Yestern
  3. The Mirror - S.Boone and L.Yestern
  4. Shinin' in The Moonlight - S.Boone
  5. Nobody's Home Today - L.Yestern
  6. Impure Thoughts - L.Yestern
  7. If I Stare - S.Boone
  8. Nobody's Home Today - L.Yestern
  9. Controversy - L.Yestern
  10. Train Lover - L.Yestern, H.Yestr and M. Arturi

Alannah Down (vocals,keyboards & percussion)
Flasher (bass & vocals)
Guido Sambucci (drums,percussion & " Gimme two or tree minutes")
Shoqura (vocals,guitars,keyboards & percussion)

Additional guitars on The Mirror and Nobody's Home, and keyboards on Impure Acts by Jerry Yester

Produced by Jerry Yester,Lena Yester & Steve Boone
Recorded at Willow Sound,Harrison ,AR
Masterd by Atom Troy

Photography: Jerry Yester
Illustrations: Lena Yester, package design: Rip Bang Pictures

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