The Fugs Second Album
with Additional Live & Studio Tracks from the Early Fugs
(1994 Fantasy FCD-9669-2)

The Fugs Second Album (1966 LP ESP-1028)

  1. Frenzy
  2. I Want To Know
  3. Skin Flowers
  4. Group Grope
  5. Coming Down
  6. Dirty Old Man
  7. Kill For Peace
  8. Morning Morning
  9. Doin' All Right
  10. Virgin Forest

    Live from the Players Theater on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village,1967

  11. I Want To Know
  12. Mutant Stomp

    Three Tunes from "Thrown off Atlantic"

  13. Carpe Diem *
  14. Wide, Wide River *
  15. Nameless Voices Crying For Kindness *

    * Ed Sanders,Tuli Kupferberg: vocals
    Ken Weaver: vocals, drums
    Lee Crabtree: organ, piano, flute
    Robert Banks: organ, piano
    Alan Jacobs - guitar, vocals, bells, sitar, vibes,
    Eric Gale: guitar
    Chuck Rainey: bass
    Bernard Purdie: drums

The Quinaimes Band,
(Elektra EKS-74096)

Produced by Zachary

Side 1

  1. Try Me One More Time
  2. Look to Yourself
  3. Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia
  4. Visions of Johanna
  5. Don't Take No
Side 2
  1. Love Brings the Best out in a Man
  2. Don't Knock
  3. Tell Me What You See from There
  4. Queequeg (Roll Them Bones)
  5. Falling Star
Alan "Jake" Jacobs - guitar

Ed Sanders,
Beer Cans On The Moon
(Reprise MS-2105)

Produced by Ed Sanders

Side 1

  1. Rock & Roll People
  2. Nonviolent Direct Action
  3. Henry Kissinger
  4. The Shredding Machine
  5. Pity The Bird
  6. Kaw River Valley Progressive Hempune
Side 2
  1. Beer Cans on the Moon
  2. Albion Crags
  3. Yodeling Robot
  4. Priestess
  5. Universall Rent Strike Rag
  6. Six Pack of Sunshine
Jake Jacobs - electric guitar, hawaiian guitar, acoustic guitar (Beer Cans and Six Pack), vocals and percussion.

Murray McLauchian,
(Epic KE-31902)

Produced by Ed Freeman's Production Company,Inc

Side 1

  1. No Time Together Today
  2. Lady Soul
  3. I Wanna Watch You Move
  4. Old Man's Song
  5. Billy NcDaniels
Side 2
  1. Lose We
  2. Quiet Places To Come Home To
  3. Carmelita
  4. Big Band City
  5. The Farmer's Song
The background vocals are by Raun Mackinnon, Mike Wendroff, Kathleen Whelan, Allan Jacobs and Jerry Burnham.

Cat Mother,
(Polydor PD 5017)

Produced by Cat Mother

Side 1

  1. Greenwood Shuffle
  2. She Came From a Different World
  3. Ode to Oregon
  4. Three and Me
  5. the Dribbleworks Blues
  6. Trials and Tribulations
Side 2
  1. Letter to The President
  2. Heebiejeebies
  3. Love Until Your Heart Breaks
Cat Mother
Charlie Harcourt, Roy Michaels, Bob Smith, Michael Equine, Steve Davidson

Bill Shay rhythm guitar
Geppetto Benncelli violinoforte
Michael Equine, Al Jacobs, Larry Packer... Back up vocals on Side2, Band1
John Chamberlin banjo

Kick me hard
(Rounder / red rooster 3030)

Side 1
  1. Wacky Tobacky
  2. Don't She Look Good
  3. It Was A Accident
  4. Electric Train
  5. Tenderly
Side 2
  1. Hot Biscuits And Sweet Marie *
  2. All Night Long
  3. Chores
  4. Don't You Know
  5. This Old House
  6. Things We Like To Do
  7. North To Alaska
* Alan "Jake" Jacobs and Kathy Whelen join in on backgrround vocals

Mink DeVille,
Le Chat Bleu
(Capitol ST-11955)

Produced by Steve Douglas

Side 1

  1. This Must Be the Night
  2. Savior Faire
  3. That World Outside
  4. Slow Drain
  5. You Just Keep Holding On
Side 2
  1. Lipstick Traces
  2. Just to Walk That Little Girl Home
  3. Turn You Every Way But Loose
  4. Bad Boy
  5. Heaven Stood Still
Background Vocals; Jake of the Family Jewels

Wild Weekend
(Virgin 91291-1)

Produced by Scheniman & Andy Paley

Side 1

  1. It's a Wild Weekend
  2. Little Floater
  3. Fireworks
  4. Boy's Life
  5. If I Don't Have You
  6. Boozoo, That's Who!
Side 2
  1. Poppin' Circumstance
  2. One and Only
  3. Immortal for a While
  4. Fraction of Action
  5. This Lovin Is True *
  6. Like a Locomotive
* written by Adams, Spampinato & Jacobs

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