The Lovin' Spoonful
Everything Playing,

(Kama Sutra@ KLP/ KLPS 8061)

Side 1

  1. She Is Still A Mystery- J.Sebastian -
  2. Priscilla Millionaira- J.Sebastian -
  3. Boredom- J.Sebastian -
  4. Six O'Clock- J.Sebastian -
  5. Forever- S.Boone -
Side 2
  1. Younger Generation- J.Sebastian -
  2. Money- J.Sebastian -
  3. Old Folks- J.Butler -
  4. Only Pretty, What A Pity-J.Butler-J. Yester -
  5. Try A Little Bit- J.Sebastian -
  6. Close Your Eyes- J.Sebastian-J. Yester -
The Lovin' Spoonful: John Sebastian, Joe Butler, Steve Boone and Jerry Yester

Produced by The Lovin' Spponful & Joe Wissert
Cond. by Jim Friedman
Orchestration by Jerry Yester

Exclusive management:R.J.Cavallo

A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates,Inc.
for Kama Sutra Records,Inc.
Cover Art: John Sebastian
Liner Photo: Henry Diltz
Design Consultant: Ernest Blitzer
All Compositions: Faithful Virtue Music Co.,Inc.(BMI)

1988: Japan, Teichiku 30CP-334

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