I Want My Roots,
John Sebastian & The J-Band(MusicMasters 65137-2)

Produced by Jimmy Vivino & John Sebastian

  1. Mobile Line
  2. I Want My Roots
  3. Goin' To German
  4. Big Road Blues
  5. Just Don't Stop 'Till You're All Worn Out
  6. Ain't Nowhere To Hobo Anymore
  7. Milk Cow Blues
  8. Rain, Hey, Rain
  9. Statesboro Blues
  10. New Jug Band Waltz
  11. Tappin' That Thing
  12. Yank Rachell Boogie
  13. Divin' Duck
  14. K.C. Moan
The J-Band:
John Sebastian, Jimmy Vivino, Fritz Richmond, James Wormworth
Featuring: Paul Rishell, Annie Raines and Rory Block.

Jimmy Vivino & Rekooperators,
Do What, Now?
(Music Master 5157)

  1. Birds Nest On The Ground
  2. How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark
  3. Strange THings Happenin'
  4. God Don't Never Change
  5. Operator
  6. Sugaree
  7. Stranger Blues
  8. Life Is Suicide
  9. Got To Move
  10. I Get Evil (Don't You Lie To Me)
  11. Little Geneva
  12. What Have I Done Wrong
  13. Too Tired
John Sebastian- Harmonica

The Harry Smith Connection
A Live Tribute To The Anthology Of American Folk Music.

  1. East Virginia Blues - Roger McGuinn, Jeff Tweedy, And Jay Bennett
  2. I'm On The Battlefield For My Lord - Ethel Caffie-Austin
  3. John Henry - John Jackson
  4. A Lazy Farmer Boy - Greg Hooven String Band
  5. ld Dog Blue - Lonnie Pitchford
  6. Home Sweet Home - The New Lost City Ramblers
  7. The Butcher Boy - Ginny Hawker
  8. John The Revelator - Ethel Caffie-Austi
  9. His Tapes Roll On - Peter Stampfel
  10. Minglewood Blues -John Sebastian And The J-BandWith Geoff Muldaur
  11. The Coo Coo Bird - Ella Jenkins
  12. Frankie And Johnny - John Jackson
  13. Sugar Baby - Roger McGuinn, Jeff Tweedy And Jay Bennett
  14. Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme - Balfa Toujours
  15. Spike Driver Blues - Dave Van Ronk
  16. Darling Corey - Greg Hooven String Band
  17. The Coo Coo Bird - Toshi Reagon
  18. James Alley Blues - Jeff Tweedy, Roger McGuinn, And Jay Bennett
  19. Nothing - The Fug
Recorded live in October, 1997

Chasin Gus' Ghost,
John Sebastian & The J-Band
(Hollywood Records HR-62227-2)

Produced by Jimmy Vivino & John Sebastian

  1. Stealin'
  2. Minglewood Blues
  3. Fare Thee Well
  4. Write Me A Few Of Your Lines
  5. My Passing Fantasy
  6. Jug Band Music
  7. One Step Forward
  8. Viola Lee
  9. Got No Automobile
  10. Wild About My Lovin'
  11. Kansas City
  12. Yank Rachell Intro
  13. Laundromat Blues
  14. Tap That Thing
  15. My Baby Left Town
The J-Band:
John Sebastian, Fritz Richmond, Paul Rishell, Annie Raines , James Wormworth

With guest appearances by
Geoff Muldaur, Jimmy Vivinoand, Yank Rachell

Plus: John Simon, Jerry Marotta, Benson Sebastian

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