Jay Ungar & Molly Mason,
The Lovers' Waltz
(HTF 11140)

  1. The Lovers' Waltz
  2. The Misty Dawn
  3. The Mountain House
  4. The Contradance
  5. Legends Of The Fal
  6. The Lover's Lament
  7. Prairie Love Song
  8. Louisiana Wedding Bells
  9. The Montague Processional
  10. Give Me Your Hand
  11. There's Honey On The Moon Tonight
  12. Metsakukkia
  13. Chosen Challe Mazeltov
  14. Tip-Toe Alley
  15. It's All In Your Mind
  16. The Lovers' Waltz
John Sebastian- Harmonica

(Windham Hill 11381)

  1. We Gather Together
  2. Bygone Days
  3. Coming Home
  4. Simple Gifts
  5. The Saviour's Universal Prayer
    Silverman Again Heavenly Father
  6. Silver Salmon Bear
  7. Heaven Within
  8. Caranna
  9. Allelujah
  10. Amazing Grace
  11. Blessings
  12. Wagoner's Lad*
  13. The Gathering
  14. Thanksgiving
John Sebastian- Harmonica

Song Of The Hills,
Song Of The Hills
(Shanachie 604)

  1. Tom Bigbee Waltz- Jay Ungar/Molly Mason/John Sebastian
  2. The Water Is Wide- John Doan/Brian Keane
  3. Midnight On The Water- Jay Ungar/Molly Mason
  4. Seneca Square Dance- Jay Ungar/Molly Mason/Peter Blue/Brian Keane
  5. Footprints In The Snow- Bill Keith/Tony Trischka/Eric Weissberg/Ken Kosek/Stacy Phillips/Molly Mason
  6. Sweet Sunny South- Stacy Phillips/John Sholle
  7. Shenandoah- Brian Keane
  8. The Greenwood Tree- Norman Blake/Nancy Blake
  9. Shady Grove- Alan Feldman/Ken Kosek/Lorraine Lee/Dan Barrett
  10. Charles Giteaux- Norman Blake/Nancy Blake
  11. Man Of Constant Sorrow- Eric Weissberg/Brian Keane
  12. Darling Cora- Eric Weissberg
  13. When First Unto This Counrty- John Sebastian/Jay Ungar/John Whelan/Molly Mason
  14. Wagoner's Lad- John Sebastian/Brian Keane

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