The Best of John Sebastian

(WEA WPCR-1850)

  1. Red Eye Express
  2. She's A Lady
  3. You're A Big Boy Now
  4. Magical Connection
  5. I Had A Dream
  6. The Room Nobody Lives In
  7. Younger Generation
  8. Well Well Well
  9. I Don't Want Nobody Else
  10. Apple Hill
  11. Four Of Us(Side-B Full Version 15:58)
    Domenica / Lashes LaRue / Red Wing,Colorado
  12. Give Us A Break
  13. Music For People Who Don'
  14. Dixie Chicken
  15. Face Of Appalachia
  16. Stories We Could Tell
  17. Warm Baby
  18. Welcome Back
  19. I Needed Her Most When I Told Her To Go
  20. Hideaway
  21. She's Funny
Compiled by John Sebastian and Yoshi nagato for Believe In magic Inc.
Annotation; Yoshi nagato
Front Cover Photo; Henry Diltz
Design: Believe In magic Inc.

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