The Devil and Daniel Mouse,
Nelvana(Warner Home Video VD 4005)
24 min. Video(VHS)

Rock Emcee: John Sebastian

Songs: John Sebastian
Performed by: John Sebastian with Laurel Runn and The Reggie Knighton Band
Additional Music: Patricia Cullen


Romie-O & Julie-8 (Runaway Robots),
Nelvana(Warner Home Video VD 4004)
25 min. Video(VHS)

Songs written by: John Sebastian
Performed by John Sebastian, with Rory Block, Richard Manuel , Reggie Knighton, Curtis Teel, John Hall, Eric Parker
Syntheizer arrangements: Michael Manieri
Music Score: Patricia Cullen


Four Cosmic Fantasies In One
Nelvana(Warner Home Video VD 4006)
1 hr. 40 min. Video(VHS)

A Cosmic Christmas *
The Devil and Daniel Mouse
Romie-O & Julie-8
Please Don't Eat The Planet

Music by John Sebastian
* except "A Cosmic Christmas" by Sylvia Tyson

Please Don't Eat The Planet
(Intergalactic Thanksgiving) 1980, 25 mins.

Songs: John Sebastian with the John Hall Band
Music Score: Patrica Cullen


NELVANAMATION II@(featuring 2 animated tale)
Nelvana(Warner Home Video VD 30009)
50 min. Video(VHS)

The Jack Rabbit Story (Easter Fever),

Song written by: John Sebastian
Performed by John Sebastian and Bob Stevenson
Original Music Score: Patricia Cullen

and "Take Me Up To the Ballgame"

Music by Rick Danko


Strawberry Shortcake Housewarming Surprise,
Family Home Entertainment
60-min.. VHS Video (MGM/UA Home Video F348A)
A Nelvana Production

Song Composed by John Sebastian
Score Composed by Patricia Cullen

Songs Produced by Phil Galdston
Song Perfomed by John Sebastian, Phil Galdston,Bell Keith, Ben Sebastian, Sharon McQueen


The Care Bears Movie,
75 minutesVHS Video(Vestron Video VA 5082)

The Samuel Goldwyn Company presents
A Nelvana Production

Title Song by Carole King, Song by John Sebastian


New Packcase

(1985, Parker PIP LP 717)

John Sebastian appears on 3 tracks

Nobady Cares Like A Bear
When You Care,You're Not Afraid To Try
In A Care Bear Family
Written and Performed by John Sebastian
Accompanied by N.R.B.Q. (Donn Adams, Terry Adams, Al Anderson, Tom Arpolino, Keith Spring and Joey Spampinato)
with Guest Appearances by
Roswell Rudd and The Tower of Power (Emilio Castillo, Steven Kupka, Mike Cichowicz, Marc Russo and Greg Adams)
Produced by John Sebastian

Side 1
  1. Care-A-Lot - Carole King
  2. Nobady Cares Like A Bear -John Sebastian
  3. Home In Your Heart - Carole King
Side 2
  1. When You Care,You're Not Afraid To Try -John Sebastian
  2. Look Out! He's After You! - Walt Woodward and David Bird
  3. In A Care Bear Family -John Sebastian
  4. Care-A-Lot (Reprise) - Carole King


The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland,
76-min..video(VHS MCA Home Video)
A Nelvana Production

Music by John Sebastian

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