The Halifox Three,
(Epic BN 26038)

Produced by Robert Morgan

Side 1

  1. Bull Train
  2. I Passed by a Stream
  3. Something Old - Something New
  4. Hush Little Baby
  5. All My Trials
  6. Come on By
Side 2
  1. Come Down The Mountain Katie Land
  2. Far Side of The Hill
  3. When I First Come ro this Land
  4. Fare-Thee-Well
  5. Headin' on Home Again
  6. Oh Mary Don't You Weep

Compilation 1967
An Historic Recording
(Waener Bros. 1697)

Recording Late Summer of 1964.

Produced by Roy Silver & Bob Cavallo

Side 1

  1. Serchin'
  2. I Don't Wanna Know
  3. I'll Remember Tonight
  4. Here It Is Another Day
  5. Do You Know What I Mean
Side 2
  1. You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
  2. Everybody's Been Talkin'
  3. Do What They Don't Say
  4. So Fine

Compilation 1999
The Magic Circle,
Before they were The Mamas & The Papas...
(Varese Vintage 5996)

The Halifax Three(Denny Doherty/ Pat La Croix/ Richard Byrne)

Oh Mary Don't You Weep
The Man Who Wouldn't Sing Along With Mitch
The New Journeymen
(John Phillips/ Michelle Phillips/ Denny Doherty/ Marshall Brickman)

Bound For Higher Ground
Mr. Tambourine Man
Last Thing On My Mind
The Mugwumps
(Denny Doherty/Cass Elliott/Jim Hendricks/Zal Yanovsky)

I'll Remember Tonight
The Mamas & The Papas
(John Phillips/ Michelle Phillips/ Denny Doherty/ Cass Elliott)

Creeque Alley
California Dreamin'

Watcha Gonna Do,
Denny Doherty
(Dunhill DS 50096)

Produced by Bill Szymczyk

Side 1

  1. Watcha Gonna Do
  2. Neighbords
  3. Gathering The Words
  4. Don't You Be Fooled
  5. Got A Feelin'
Side 2
  1. Tuesday Morning
  2. Still Can't The Music
  3. Hey Good Looking
  4. The Drummer's Song
  5. Here Comes The Sun
    The Two of Us

The Mamas & The Papas Reunion Live,
The Mamas & The Papas
John Phillips, Denny Doherty, MacKenzie Phillips and Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane
(Japan: Teichiku, TECX-25393)

  1. Go Where You Wanna Go
  2. Down on The Bayou (Missisippi)
  3. Dedicated to the One I Love
  4. Straight Shooter
  5. Sunday Will Never Be the Same
  6. I Saw Her Again Last Night
  7. Dream a Little Dream of Me
  8. Creeque Alley
  9. Monday, Monday
  10. California Dreamin'

Dream A Little Dream,
The nearly true story of The Mamas & The Papas
Denny Doherty & The Dream Band
(Lewlacow 0832)

  1. Looking Back
  2. The Man Who Wouldn't Sing Along With Mitch
  3. Wild Women
  4. 500 Miles
  5. Everybody's Been Talkin'
  6. Shake It Up Baby (Twist & Shout)
  7. Creeque Alley
  8. Chanson, Chanson, Chanson
  9. Straight Shooter
  10. California Dreamin'
  11. Got A Feelin'
  12. I Saw Her Again
  13. In Crowd
  14. Monday, Monday
  15. Step Out
  16. It Can Only Happen In
  17. America
  18. Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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